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St. Mary’s Primary School is a 32 teacher school with an enrolment of 587 pupils, located in Edenderry, Co. Offaly. The committee consists of 13 staff and 10 pupils and meet every fortnight to discuss action plans.

As part of their environmental review on waste and litter, they conducted internal and external waste audits, formulating the results into graphs and charts.

As part of their action plan;

  • The school recycles paper, batteries, mobile phones, art materials, ink cartridges, stamps, shoe boxes and clothes.


  • Each class is designated a different day to pick up litter in the school grounds with pickers ensuring a litter free zone.


  • The school holds a bring and buy sale and a collection of old clothes for Mrs. Quinn Charity Shop to premote re-use and recycling.


  • New lunch policy to reduce packaging waste, lunchwaste is brought home in pupil’s lunchbox


  • Green Day, October 2005, everyone wore green and each class researched a problematic areas. Each Child planted a crocus bulb and a recycling corridor was formed.

Green code : "Keep our school green
And very very clean
If you want a green flag
Pick up the rubbish
And put it in your bag!"


From May 2005 to October 2006 the following results were found;

Overall a decrease of 75% in waste production in the school!

  • 4 bags of rubbish per day down to 1

  • 20 bags of landfill a week down to 6

Tissue waste remained a huge problem, to combat this, the committee placed a slogan on each tissue box entitled: ‘Save a Tree, Use less of me’

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