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In 1994, FEE France, one of the first Eco-Schools programs, organized a competition in a school of graphic arts to create a logo for an environmental program related to school and based on the active participation of students. The winning design became the logo for the Eco-Schools program worldwide. A lot of meaning is packed into this image. Here is what it symbolizes.

  • People are the basis and centre of the program. In our hands lies the greening of our future, which is symbolized by the flower flourishing above the head of the central person.

  • The flowers symbolize both the flourishing of the environment that we can promote, and the flourishing of human beings who will be enriched by developing values and attitudes that protect our environment and ourselves.

  • Once this bouquet of green flowers is open over our heads, it turns into a kind of umbrella, a shelter that protects us.

  • The book is associated with school and knowledge, but the two separate pages (with the person in the middle) mean that this knowledge is not purely academic. Books only contribute to the change in behaviours, while teaching/learning and people are central.

  • The blue page on the left represents the book of human history, loaded and heavy with the problems of society we are facing and inheriting. This part of the book is already written.

  • The white page on the right is not yet written. It represents everything that can be done - and we alone decide what our future will be.

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